For letsgankit, who wanted something with Destiel and pancakes.

Dean was going to seduce Castiel with pancakes. 

Sure, he had charm, he had good looks and he had nice eyes, but more importantly, he had badass pancake flipping skills.

Dean was employed at Gabriel’s Pancake Emporium—a smaller establishment just off of center street—where the aim was to entertain. As one of four pancake chefs spread out across the front of the restaurant, he was supposed to put on a show for the customers involving lots of fancy flips and creative cooking skills. 

He took pride in the small crowd that usually gathered around his skillet, making sure to throw in a winning smile and wink now and then as he tossed the pancakes in the air. 

The first day that he had ever messed up during his routine was the day Gabe’s brother had stood with his small gathering of admirers  The pancake had been tossed into the air and with a brief glance into the audience, blue eyes met green and the near perfect pancake landed directly on his arm.

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